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Prophecy Update – Israel

Prophecy Update – Israel

If you are a regular reader of Scott’s Blog you know that we are not subtle about pointing to Israel as a key to understanding the signs of the times.

A major event with both political and potentially prophetic implications is detailed today at Joel Rosenberg’s Flash Traffic Blog.


OLMERT TO RESIGN AFTER SEPT. 17:Updates & additional analysis

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will resign his office on or about September 17th. Suffering single digit approval ratings and haunted by numerous on-going corruption investigations, the Prime Minister just announced on national television that he will step down after the Kadima party primaries scheduled.
“I have decided I won’t run in the Kadima movement primaries, nor do I intend to intervene in the elections,” the embattled politician said just moments ago. “When a new (Kadima party) chairman is chosen, I will resign as prime minister to permit them to put together a new government swiftly and effectively….I want to make it clear – I am proud to be a citizen of a country where the prime minister can be investigated like a regular citizen. It is the duty of the police to investigate, and the duty of the prosecution to instruct the police. The prime minister is not above the law…. From my first day in office I was forced to ward off malicious attacks, even while dealing with far-reaching decisions affecting Israel’s defense and existence. I continue to believe with all my heart that the achievement of peace, combating terror, strengthening our security, and the realization of a different type of relationship with our neighbors are all necessary goals for the future of the State of Israel.”
It’s not clear yet when new elections will be held. Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu is currently well ahead of all contenders to replace Olmert, but Israeli politics are Byzantine, to say the least, and anything could happen. Israel’s political crisis could not come at a worse time, with the real threat of war with Iran growing daily.
UPDATE & ANALYSIS: With the Kadima primaries on September 17th, who are the top contenders to lead the party after Olmert? Tzippi Livni and Shaul Mofaz. Livni is currently Israel’s Foreign Minister. Impressive personally and perhaps a rising star over the long haul, she was close to Olmert, and it was thought Olmert was groomed her to replace him. Eighteen months ago or so, she was the darling of the Israeli media, hobnobbing on the world stage with Condi Rice, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British PM Tony Blair, et al. At the time, she was soaring in the polls, and seemed competitive to take on Bibi Netanyahu in a head-to-head general election race. But as Olmert has sunk further and further in the polls, Livni has been dragged her down. She has had no major accomplishments as Foreign Minister thus far. What’s more, Israelis are not sure she would be ready to be Commander in Chief in a war with Iran. Mofaz, on the other hand, was born in Iran, speaks Persian, and was Defense Minister under Ariel Sharon, after serving as the IDF chief of staff when Bibi was Prime Minister. He is perceived as tough and capable when it comes to military matters, but somewhat new to the political stage, having served nearly his entire career in the military and only elected to the Knesset in 2005. Nevertheless, he has risen quickly. He is currently Deputy Prime Minister and Transportation Minister and has a serious shot at seizing control of the Kadima party from Livni’s hands. Mofaz is currently in Washington, and is saying that if he is elected Kadima leader, he will not call for general elections, but will try to re-form a unity coalition government, even asking Netanyahu to join the government. Netanyahu, however, says immediate general elections are essential and will not serve in a new unity government. A friend of mine who is a very close to several Israeli political leaders and a shrewd observer of the electoral landscape their sent me this email last night: “Most Kadima MK’s know they will not be re-elected if they go to a general election. Why should they voluntarily give up their seats? After the primary, they will do what they can to keep the government ticking and that could mean another two years. By the way, Labor is so weak it would probably join a post-Olmert Kadima government. Mofaz is going to run hard right, which could collapse Likud because Bibi has been virtually silent on the issues. Look for Mofaz to stress Jerusalem and possibly pull a stunt like Sharon and the Temple Mount. The Livni-Mofaz race should be very close. Olmert is supporting Mofaz and so is Shas [the ultra-religious party]. If there are elections, I don’t see it happening before March 2009.”

The fall of Ehud Olmert from power is not surprising from a biblical point of view. Olmert early on adopted a peace at any price approach to crucial issues like the fate of Jerusalem. Word had leaked that he was pursuing a deal with Palestinian Fatah party head Mahmoud Abbas that would have ceeded control of the Temple Mount to the Arabs.

Since the Bible makes it clear that the Temple will be rebuilt on its historic site, such a ploy was doomed to failure.

It is also clear that God takes a very dim view of those who play fast and loose with His land.

I will also gather all nations,
      And bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat;
      And I will enter into judgment with them there
      On account of My people, My heritage Israel,
      Whom they have scattered among the nations;
      They have also divided up My land. (Joel 3:2)


2 Responses

  1. From Billy
    The Lord said there is a nation known unto me as Babylon. They have spoken evil unto my people Israel, and as they have spoken they have spoken evil unto me.
    Today I have sent a great heavenly host of angels to destroy these people. My angels shall destroy the evil spirits and their evil counterparts, with their mighty swords. A slaughtering shall start today saith the Lord.
    This prophecy came to me in the evening of the first of August 2008.


  2. we are all one the whole world is gods land including iran israel and all the other countrys on this crazy planet . children dont go for this trash unless they are taught it ,

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