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Comes A Horseman?

Scott’s Blog 10/09/08

Comes A Horseman!

This week on Scott Richards Live we have received a number of questions about the current economic chaos that has seemingly hit out of nowhere with a devastating impact.

To cut to the chase – Is this a prophetically significant event?

The short answer? Not immediately.

But quite possibly imminently.

Here’s what I mean.

As briefly as a month ago the notion of major mortgage and insurance companies being the recipients of $70 billion bail outs from the federal government and the Dow plunging below 9000 was almost unimaginable.

And yet the financial house of cards built on high risk people being given unrealistically high loans has been blown away.

And the impact of this collapse not only illustrates what greed and corruption can do to our economy, but also highlights another fascinating reality.

The interdependent, global economic system that seemed farfetched back in the 80’s is an undeniable reality in 2008.

IT WAS a day of desperate global action, unprecedented in both scale and cost, intended to stymie the international devastation being wrought by the financial crisis.

As the London stock market steeled itself to open again following days of vicious battering, Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, rose to stake the future of the country and the Cabinet on an audacious £500 billion banking bail-out.

And barely had the City begun to digest the hugely complex and unorthodox scheme when it was sent reeling again by an unscheduled interest rate cut – mirrored across the world – by the Monetary Policy Committee. It was the first such co-ordinated approach since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001 – yet another indicator, had one been needed, of the gravity of the situation.

The half percentage point drop was immediately passed on to millions of borrowers, with leading high-street banks cutting their mortgages.

The government’s scheme, a three-part plan which takes in short, medium and long-term measures, was welcomed by business leaders and analysts.

David Kern, adviser to the British Chamber of Commerce, said: “The government has taken a radical step, but it is one we welcome.”

What is most significant about this is that various international monetary regulators, including our Federal Reserve Bank acted simultaneously to try to head off this crisis.

Governments, including our own, have taken the radical step of nationalizing a major portion of the mortgage business.

And history shows us that what a government takes under control it is very unlikely to relinquish.

The prophetic significance?

This may be a preview of another financial crisis that will set the stage for a “radical step, but one the world will welcome”.

Noted prophecy commentator Dr. Mark Hitchcock offers this insight.

But the most interesting foreign fallout from the financial crisis was this statement from China. “The world urgently needs to create a diversified currency and financial system and fair and just financial order that is not dependent on the United States.” The Chinese are suggesting that the world’s financial market needs more oversight and “diversified currency.” While no one on earth knows what the final fallout will be from this economic crisis, all the uncertainty and chaos could eventually lead to some form of universal currency and global financial system that will be strictly overseen by some centralized power.

This is exactly what the Bible predicts in Revelation13 where one man, the coming Antichrist, is able to ultimately take control of the world’s economy. In Revelation 6:5-6, the third horseman of the apocalypse, the black horse, reveals that in the end times a financial earthquake will bring on runaway inflation that will plunge the world into a widespread famine. That crisis will probably be the springboard for the Antichrist to seize control of the world economy. What we see today is certainly a frightening foreshadow of what’s coming. The rider on the black horse may be getting ready to mount up.


he bottom line? This economic earthquake will probably subside and business as usual will prevail.

The next shake up may be more permanent.


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