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Gay Marriage – Is it Biblical?

What is the most nerve wracking question you’ve ever been asked by a non Christian?

The tried and true sweat producers like “Why do you Christians say your way is the only way to God?” –

or “You don’t believe the Bible is literally true, do you?”-

have taken a decided back seat to a question raised by one of the most controversial issues of our time – Gay marriage.

Does the Bible ever really define what marriage is all about?

Why was Jesus seemingly silent on the issue of homosexuality?

If  heterosexual marriage is so biblical, why do we see so few examples of it being successfully practiced in the the Scriptures?

Is it unloving for Christians to publicly protest against the legalization of gay marriage or civil unions?

On March 9th I had the opportunity to be a guest on M-88 FM’s “Raw Talk” program, where we tackled these questions and more.

Click on this link to give the program a listen and become equipped  to speak the truth in love concerning one of the real hot button issues of our day.

The Bible and Gay Marriage


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