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Welcome to the Epicenter

One of the downsides of living in the information age is that not all of the sources we can access are reliable.

This is never more true than when the subject of discussion is the return of Jesus Christ.

I will never forget tuning into a program that breathlessly told its listeners that the Antichrist had set up his north American HQ in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Kind of like that awful impulse to slow down and see the aftermath of a car wreck, I had to stay tuned and listen.

Why Indianapolis?

The host confidently told us that “Diana” was the name of a pagan goddess.

“Polis” was the Greek word for “city”.

Indianapolis, then was the city that was “In- Diana”.

So since the city was “In Diana”, it proved that this would be the place that the idolatrous worship of the Antichrist would be established.

The host kept saying, “It’s In Diana – get it? Get it?”

Oh, I got it.

And before they went on to tell me where I could purchase what they called “Flee-Gold” at competitive prices, I changed the channel.

It’s no surprise that when a message as crucial to understand as Jesus’ promised return is being broadcast there might be a bit of static on the line.

And we are seeing an incredible upheaval of distortion in this area of doctrine.

On the one side there are so called ministries whose message is barely different from the headlines of a grocery store check out line tabloid.

On the other side, on my vacation I saw a car driving around with a crudely painted sign that declared “We are not living in the last days!”

Where can we turn for the truth?

Without the static.

Without the sensationalism.

Shared in away that not only presents Biblical reality concerning the retun of Christ, but also allows us to put this “blessed hope” into practical application in our lives?

Consider this alternative:


April 4th in San Diego

April 4th in San Diego

It’s shaping up to be a dramatic week. On Tuesday, Benjamin Netanyahu will become Israel’s next Prime Minister. Also on Tuesday, the U.S. and Iran begin direct talks in the Netherlands for the first time since the Shah of Iran was ousted from power in 1979. Meanwhile, the G20 Summit of world leaders begins in London on Thursday to discuss radical reconstructive surgery to the international financial system, including the Russian and Chinese proposal of creating a new, single, common global currency.

We’ll consider the significance of these and other developments and trends at the 2009 Epicenter Conference on Saturday, April 4th at Cox Arena in San Diego. Last April, we held the premiere Epicenter Conference in Jerusalem for some 2,000 Christian leaders from all over the world. This year, we are expecting upwards of 8,000 or more attendees.

The theme will be: “Understanding Today’s Global Crises In Light of Bible Prophecy.” Key speakers include Lt-General (ret.) Jerry Boykin discussing the most serious threats facing the U.S., Israel and our allies in 2009; Pastor Chuck Smith discussing God’s everlasting love for Israel and Ezekiel’s prophecies concerning the “War of Gog and Magog”; and several special guests. I will be speaking on the global economic crisis, Inside The Revolution, as well as on “The State of the Epicenter.” We’ll also be talking about the work of The Joshua Fund and how you can be involved in blessing Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus.

Our church, Calvary Christian Fellowship of Tucson, will be one of forty across the nation that will be video extension campuses  supporting this event.

If you are in Southeastern Arizona we would welcome you to join us this Saturday for the conference. Just click this link for more information and directions.


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