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High Noon In The Holy Land?

The image has been ingrained in our minds from a thousand Western movies.

A deserted street, save for two men.

Law and order and lawlessness meet “to settle this thing once and for all”.

Last weekend, there was a “High Noon” moment that took place in the Middle East.

The antagonists weren’t Marshall Will Kane and the outlaw Frank Miller.

This time it was Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and Mahmoud Ahmadinejhad of Iran.

The transparently rigged election results in last Friday’s “election” of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejhad  has done more than just creating a hornets nest of conflict on the streets of Tehran.

It has also clearly revealed the ruthless character of the mad mullahs who will stop at nothing to fulfill their delusions of messianic grandeur.

In short, it doesn’t take much imagination to see who is wearing the black hat in this show down.

Interestingly, on Sunday another defining moment took place.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a significant speech, calling for peace in the Middle East.

But not peace at any price.

I came here tonight to talk about the agreement and security that are broad consensus within Israeli society. This is what guides our policy. This policy must take into account the international situation. We have to recognize international agreements but also principles important to the State of Israel. I spoke tonight about the first principle – recognition. Palestinians must truly recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people. The second principle is demilitarization. Any area in Palestinian hands has to be demilitarization, with solid security measures. Without this condition, there is a real fear that there will be an armed Palestinian state which will become a terrorist base against Israel, as happened in Gaza. We do not want missiles on Petah Tikva, or Grads on the Ben-Gurion international airport. We want peace. (Applause)
And, to ensure peace we don?t want them to bring in missiles or rockets or have an army, or control of airspace, or make treaties with countries like Iran, or Hizbullah. There is broad agreement on this in Israel. We cannot be expected to agree to a Palestinian state without ensuring that it is demilitarized. This is crucial to the existence of Israel ? we must provide for our security needs.

This is why we are now asking our friends in the international community, headed by the USA, for what is necessary for our security, that in any peace agreement, the Palestinian area must be demilitarized. No army, no control of air space. Real effective measures to prevent arms coming in, not what?s going on now in Gaza. The Palestinians cannot make military treaties.

Without this, sooner or later, we will have another Hamastan. We can?t agree to this. Israel must govern its own fate and security. I told President Obama in Washington, if we get a guarantee of demilitarization, and if the Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish state, we are ready to agree to a real peace agreement, a demilitarized Palestinian state side by side with the Jewish state. (Applause)

Whenever we discuss a permanent arrangement, Israel needs defensible borders with Jerusalem remaining the united capital of Israel

Both the crtitics and the supporters of Mr. Netanyahu have to agree on one key observation – He couldn’t have been more clear about where Israel stands in relationship to the pursuit of peace in the region.

Peace certainly is the goal, but not a false peace that will result in the oppression if not slaughter of the Jewish people.

This peace does not exclude the possibility of creating a state where the Palestinian people can build a just society for themselves.

It does exclude the possibility of the creation of a terrorist staging ground for Iran and their proxies in the West Bank.

What Netanyahu has created is a “put up or shut up” situation for the Palestinians.

Do you really want a state? Or just a strategic set up for a war of annihilation against the Jews?

Do you really want peace and the possibility of prosperity for your own people? Or to continue to stir up hate for Israel as a cover for your own corruption and incompetence?

Netanyahu’s call for the Arab world to use their wealth and initiative to help build a peaceful state for their brothers and sisters in the Holy Land is revealing as well.

It is no secret that the Egyptians, the Lebanese, the Saudis and the Jordanians have been less than forthcoming with real and meaningful aid for their fellow Muslims in the region.

Netanyahu’s revealing challenge? Join with us in creating a just and lasting opportunity for the Palestinians.

Or admit you really care more about destroying Israel than helping your own people.

The stage is set.

The challenge has been clearly articulated.

The choice now lies clearly between a just peace and an immoral, unrighteous war.

It is “High Noon” in the Holy Land.

He has shown you, O man, what is good;
And what does the LORD require of you
But to do justly,
To love mercy,
And to walk humbly with your God? (Micah 6:8)

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