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The View From the Epicenter

One of the great benefits of doing a daily phone in Bible Q and A program is the opportunity to connect with, well, the well connected.

And there are few people I would consider more able to connect with the pulse of current events from a solidly scriptural point of view than NY Times Best Selling writer and regular SRL guest Joel Rosenberg.

I had the unique opportunity to participate in a prophecy update conference call with Joel  this afternoon.

Here are some of the highlights.


According to Joel,  Mahmoud Ahmadinejhad was not re-elected, but rather “re-annointed” president of Iran by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameni.

The rigged election results indicate that far from being a loose cannon or a maverick, Ahmadinejhad’s positions on Iran’s nuclear weapons program, his end times hope of the appearance of the Shiite Muslim “messiah”, as well as the desire to see Israel wiped off the map were endorsed at the highest level.

In his seeming rival, Mir Houssein Mousavi is by no means the moderate reformer he has been portrayed as in the Western press.

Out of 450 potential candidates for president, only four were approved by Khameni to run for the office in the first place. Mr. Mousavi had to pass that pre-screening before his name appeared on a ballot.

Mousavi’s political resume is troubling as well. He has previously served as president of Iran, appointed to the position by the Ayatollah Kohmeni. During his terms in the 80’s he was the one who started Iran’s nuclear weapons program, ordered children to serve as “martyrs”, clearing mine fields in the Iraq war, as well as ordering human wave assaults during that conflict.

Joel aptly summed up his career as one of “a monster, not a moderate.”

Although this situation is portrayed as a battle between Islamic radicals and reformers, Mousavi is only an opportunist. 70% of Iranians are under thirty years of age  and aren’t old enough to remember life under Mousavi’s rule.

Although an overthrow of the Iranian government is not likely, the mass demonstrations in Tehran are “a snap shot of tensions in the Islamic world”.

The average person in Iran wants to have connection with the outside world and are increasingly becoming disillusioned with the repressive tactics of the mullahs.

This hunger for an alternative has provided incredible opportunities to share the message of Jesus in Iran. There are numerous accounts of Iranians coming to faith in Christ in miraculous ways. These converts are sharing their faith boldly, but need instruction in Bible study and practical ministry.


Joel referred to US/Israeli relations as “a trainwreck in motion”. Although President Obama has gone out of his way to say that the United States “doesn’t want to meddle” in Iranian affairs, he seems to have an overwhelming desire to meddle in Israeli affairs.

This policy of pressuring Israel is becoming more troublesome by the day.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s mention of the term “Palestinian State” is a direct result of this kind of pressure. Israel is feeling more and more isolated from the United States. This kind of isolation encourages her radical enemies as they believe this distance provides an ideal opportunity for another war.

According to Joel, God may be weaning Israel from depernence on the United states as her hope of deliverance. God desires His people to trust in Him alone.

Joel emphasized that we want our nation to continue as a friend of Israel, but as support for Israel around the world wanes, we have an opportunity as Bible believing Christians to be a powerful witness to the Jewish people as we stand with and make efforts to tangibly bless them.


After much prayer and personal intervention with the prime minister of the Kurdish Regional Government in Northern Iraq, a Christian FM stattion is now on the air in the million population capitol of Erbil. The general manager of the station is a former jihadist who was won to Christ through the ministry of Trans World Radio out of Monaco. The station is now producing original Arabic and Kurdish programming.

Thanks again to Joel for taking the time to provide such exciting and cutting edge information on what God is doing!

If you would like to find out more about what is going on in the Epicenter, as well as how to participate with Joel in the exciting outreaches going on in the Middle East, visit his web site at www.

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